If you’re needing to move dirt, Landscape Pros & Excavation is the company you’re looking for!  Our excavation services include more than just digging holes and moving dirt though.  We can also help clear land of cover, drill wells, grade land, and dig foundations for your construction projects.  We’re happy to help you out wherever you are in the lifetime of the project, whether it’s for new construction, alterations or additions to existing structures, or any repairs you’re needing to get corrected.

We are locals to North Idaho and love the area we work in.  We service the greater Coeur D’Alene, Post Falls, Rathdrum, and Spokane Valley areas and the outlying areas.  The natural beauty of the Inland Northwest is a wonderful thing, and using custom curbing can help to truly accentuate your landscape. Contact us today and let us help you up your curb appeal game!

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Excavation to Move the Earth!

  Leveling and Grading

Although you could perform some amounts leveling and grading by hand, larger projects require larger tools.  Larger tools require experts to operate, or you end up with larger problems than you started with.  Let us get dirty for you and save yourself from the hassle.

  Ground De-watering

Dewatering is a necessary process anytime excavation efforts may affect the water table.  This is done to keep the bottom of the excavated area dry and able to be built upon, rather than being a soggy mess of mud which any construction will just sink in.

  Erosion Control

We take erosion control seriously, not only when you’re having erosion problems but also anytime we perform excavation services.  Erosion control ‘is a must’ according to Acuity Insurance, anytime ground cover and vegetation is removed, or anytime other excavating tasks are performed.

  Foundation Digging

Digging out a foundation is not a ‘do-it-yourself’ opportunity that you should take on.  If done incorrectly and not the precisely correct shape and size, you will end up paying more to fix your mistake than you might expect.  Let us help ensure that doesn’t happen and we’ll excavate the site correct the first time!

  Land Clearing

Anytime the land isn’t clear enough to build upon, excavation techniques and tools can be used to remove all the obstacles.  Trees, brush, boulders and roots can play havoc on your construction plans.  Call Landscape Pros of Post Falls today and we’ll make the difficult work look easy!


According to OSHA, ‘excavation and trenching are among the most dangerous construction operations’.  Dangers come from pipes and cables underground, as well as from injuries that can come from manually digging or using trenching tools incorrectly.  Don’t hurt yourself.  Call us today!

Excavator in field
Our excavator, about to get started on a job.

We love it here in the North Idaho / Eastern Washington area.  Servicing the greater Post Falls, Coeur D’Alene, Hayden, Rathdrum in Idaho as well as the Spokane Valley area of Washington, Landscape Pros and Excavation is the expert you’re looking for!

We’ve been in the excavation business for many years and we know how to keep the cost down while keeping the results amazing.  Call us today and get your excavating plan scheduled today!