Backflow Testing

Backflow prevention is essential for all types of buildings because it prevents your dirty water from returning to the city water after passing through your structure.  Just ask yourself: “How important is it that my drinking water and waste water are kept separate?”  Chances are, your answer is “very important”.  Backflow assemblies can fail over time, just like anything else, which is one of the leading reasons it’s important to maintain annual testing by a certified Backflow Assembly Tester.

We offer state approved backflow testing for north Idaho, and our certified professionals are here to keep you updated every year.  All paperwork is submitted directly to the water district, saving you the hassle while keeping you compliant with local laws.  We also follow up to remind you before your annual test is due, ensuring that your not caught off guard by something often forgotten.  

We are committed to keeping you compliant!  By getting your backflow tested, you are helping us keep North Idaho drinking water safe.  

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backflow diagram
A clear example of the dangers of backflow, and why testing is so important!